RB2: Ranking Based Robotics Benchmark

Sudeep Dasari, Jianren Wang, Joyce Hong, Shikhar Bahl, Abitha Thankaraj, Karanbir Chahal, Berk Calli, Saurabh Gupta, David Held, Lerrel Pinto, Deepak Pathak, Vikash Kumar, Abhinav Gupta

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Benchmarks offer a scientific way to compare algorithms using scientific performance metrics. Good benchmarks have two features: (a) wide audience appeal; (b) easily reproducible. In robotics, there is a tradeoff between reproducibility and broad accessibility. If the benchmark is kept restrictive (fixed hardware, objects), the numbers are reproducible but it becomes niche. On the other hand, benchmark could be just loose set of protocols but the underlying varying setups make it hard to reproduce the results. In this paper, we re-imagine robotics benchmarks – we define a robotics benchmark to be a set of experimental protocols and state of the art algorithmic implementations. These algorithm implementations will provide a way to recreate baseline numbers in a new local robotic setup in less than few hours and hence help provide credible relative rankings between different approaches. These credible local rankings are pooled from several locations to help establish global rankings and SOTA algorithms that work across majority of setups. We introduce RB2 — a benchmark inspired from human SHAP tests. Our benchmark was run across three different labs and reveals several surprising findings.


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Global Rankings

Performance rankings for baseline methods.


Implementations for our baseline agents

Control Stack

Control code for Franka robot